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Blockchain CFO Macrina Kgil among top female crypto business leaders

Macrina Kgil leads way as Blockchain CFO It’s still an uphill battle for women to attain the highest levels of leadership positions in fields like STEM and finance.

It’s still an uphill battle for women to attain the highest levels of leadership positions in fields like STEM and finance. Facing male-dominated board rooms and C-suites, salary inequities, and prejudices both subtle and overt, fewer women get to the top.

However, some cryptocurrency and blockchain companies are paving the way with women at the helm. As an example, take Macrina Kgil, who was named Chief Financial Officer for Blockchain, one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency companies, in 2018. Her trajectory to one of the top positions in the industry is a powerful tale of perseverance and achievements.

Macrina Kgil’s rise to CFO of Blockchain

Kgil started her career in South Korea. She graduated from Seoul National University with a degree in mineral and petroleum engineering and a sub-major in chemical technology. Following graduation, she worked for Samil PwC, the South Korean subsidiary of PricewaterhouseCoopers, the global accounting and consulting firm.

At Samil PwC, Macrina Kgil advised Korean companies on financial matters, including audit, accounting, and initial public offerings (IPOs) in the United States. She went on to work for the company’s Global Capital Markets Group in Seoul and New York City, serving as an expert on issues related to capital market transactions, including business carve-outs, IPOs, public debt, and complex accounting tasks.

She was named a vice president in 2008 of Fortress Investment Group, where she acted as an in-house consultant on accounting and finance issues for the company’s private equity sector. She had a lead role in the company’s acquisitions and capital market transactions, working closely with each portfolio company’s finance department.

In 2018, Macrina Kgil joined Springleaf Financial Services, first as a group controller and then as Chief Financial Officer. In her role, she built and led a 100-person-plus finance and accounting team through an IPO, debt capital market transactions, dispositions, and acquisitions.

In 2015, Kgil was named Executive Vice President of Finance of OneMain Financial, which Springleaf had acquired from Citigroup; the company changed its name as part of the transaction.

Prior to her role at Blockchain, Kgil was the Chief Financial Officer for GPB Capital Holdings, a private equity fund with $1.5 billion under management.

“Macrina has helped restructure liability, acquire and dispose of assets and take companies public,” said Blockchain CEO Peter Smith when Kgil was appointed as CFO. “As our business expands, we can’t imagine a more perfect person than Macrina to help us build finance and risk operations of the highest order.”

Macrina Kgil is part of a growing number of women leaders in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. As the industry continues to grow, with more companies focused on the technology and financial systems blockchain represents, women in leadership positions will continue to play a vital role in helping shape the industry.

About Blockchain

Blockchain is the world’s leading cryptocurrency financing company. Founded in 2011, it has handled more than $800 billion in transactions, has more than 31 million verified users, and operates in more than 200 countries.

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