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Macrina Kgil has held the position of Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at since November 2018. Kgil came to Blockchain with years of experience in finance operations. Her greatest area of expertise is with helping companies transition from privately run to publicly traded and launching Initial Public Offerings (IPO).


Macrina Kgil Started Her Career in South Korea

Kgil hails from South Korea where she earned a bachelor’s degree in mineral and petroleum engineering from Seoul National University. She also minored in chemical technology. Upon graduation from the university, she accepted a position with Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC) in Seoul. Macrina Kgil’s primary duty with PwC in Seoul was to advise Korean companies desiring to list on the United States Stock Exchange. 


Later Career Experience

Kgil transferred to PwC in New York City where she focused on providing IPO-specific guidance to American businesses. She gained expertise in public debt and capital transactions at PwC New York City before accepting a position with Fortress Investment Group as the company’s Vice President. Kgil provided expert advice on accounting, capital market transactions, and acquisitions in this role.

Macrina Kgil’s career path then brought her to Springleaf Financial Services where she led the company through an IPO. After completing a merger and acquisition deal with Citigroup, Springleaf Financial Services became OneMain Financial Services. Springleaf raised significant capital through its IPO, and Kgil was instrumental in leading a finance team of more than 100 people through the transition.

Macrina Kgil’s last employer before joining Blockchain was GPB Capital Holdings. In her two years with this company, she managed assets worth $1.5 billion dollars. She also supervised a build-out of the company’s financial team.

The team is excited to have Kgil onboard since her extensive financial background will help customers reach aggressive financial goals.

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